Webinar - DDoS mitigation can be effective all the time, we’ll show you how to get there

Title : DDoS mitigation can be effective all the time, we’ll show you how to get there
Date :
Thursday, 27th February 2020
Time :
11.30 am to 12.15 pm CET
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Agenda: In the quest of expanding markets and function globally, businesses today are increasingly Webinar for newsletterrelying on DDoS Mitigation technology. From the cyber security perspective, DDoS Mitigation technology plays a very important role in securing globally scaled businesses against DDoS attacks. However, DDoS Mitigation technology is not a plug and play or automated software. Because of which businesses are 48% vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

In this webinar, learn -

1. How sneakier and smart DDoS attacks slip through DDoS Mitigation.

2. Why Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks remain the threat.

3. A layered based approach to DDoS Mitigation Technology.

4. Tips and tricks to fine-tune DDoS Mitigation Technology on the fly.

5. How leading enterprises in the real world are protecting their global infrastructure from massive as well as sneakier DDoS attacks.

6. Q & A


Speaker Profile

Matthew is the Founder and CEO of MazeBolt Technologies. An innovator and visionary, Matthew provides direction to MazeBolt and has led the company from front on a success track. Since its founding, the company’s growth has been trajectory with several enterprises, both large and small, gaining real time DDoS risk reducing to 2% and under.

Matthew has a patented product in his name that has drastically changed how the Business Continuity and DDoS Mitigation industry work today.

As a leading preeminent authority on cybersecurity, Matthew’s vision has resulted in eliminating DDoS risk and assured business continuity for his customers.