Trust Seals beneficial for websites

What is a Trust Seal?

Trust Seal is granted by an entity to websites or businesses for display on their website.

The trust seal is updated on a daily basis confirming that the specific site has been scanned for the latest vulnerabilities and provides a specific status of the websites health.

Why do you need a Trust Seal?

There are 3 main reasons why website owners choose to add Trust Seals to their site:

  1. Security – Reassuring your visitors that you are a secure website and giving them the confidence to browse your site.
  2. Reduce Vulnerabilities – By scanning your site regularly you can reduce many easy to exploit vulnerabilities.
  3. Increase Conversions – It has been said that you can increase conversions on your site by up to 15% if you have a Trust Seal on your site.

Why are Trust Seals imperative for websites?

In an article reported by Forbes mid last year they pointed out that there are approximately 30,000 websites hacked on a daily basis. Every website can get hacked if not carefully protected.

This protection involves an offensive understanding of your security posture. Once you clearly identify what can be exploited on your site you can resolve the issue/s to harden your posture.

There is no discrimination on whether you are a personal blog, small business website or a massive eCommerce site!

On the contrary small businesses are often chosen by hackers to exploit, since they know most small web sites don’t have robust security measures in place.

Some people think (Including us initially) that “Trust Seals” did not carry any great significance on a website. However we have been requested by more than one of our early stage Beta customers that a Trust Seal would show their customers that they are serious about ensuring safety of their data, this confirmed for us other studies we viewed.


Today MazeBolt have released our very own Trust Seal. Our Trust Seal will greatly assist our customers in instilling confidence in their web site’s visitors, thereby increasing conversions. By having a trust seal displayed on your web site it means you have resolved harmful vulnerabilities and lessen the chance of being exploited.

To get your own comprehensive security scan and Trust Seal: