Announcement of Monthly DDoS Defenses Newsletter Blog

    MazeBolt has been publishing a monthly newsletter since mid-2019. We have received an overwhelming response as subscriptions grew by 200% in the last 6... Read More
    Slaying Myths (Resized)

    Slaying 3 Myths for a New Decade

    * 2 minutes read. Looking back at our achievements in 2019 with leading enterprises and security professionals in the industry, these are the top three... Read More
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    Naming Changes to Traditional DDoS Testing Reporting KPI’s

    After internal considerations, consultations with our customers and the emergence of DDoS Radar product line, after 5 years we have taken the decision to... Read More
    DDoS Attacks & Traditional DDoS Testing

    Revolutionizing DDoS Mitigation with Non Disruptive DDoS Testing

    DDoS Mitigation Needs Continuous Fine Tuning  Read More
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    Lessons Learned from a Day of DDoS Testing

    To get a “view from the other side” of how our customers experience MazeBolt’s BaseLine DDoS Testing, I decided to join a customer onsite during testing. Read More

    The Trust Factor of Third-party DDoS Protection

    If you inventory the basic security infrastructure of any organization across any industry, 99.9% most likely have antivirus protection. However, not... Read More

    NTPD DDoS Attack Analysis

      Overview   With all the recent hype on “NTP DDoS" attacks, I took some time to understand why this attack became so popular. After researching the... Read More