Mind the Gap, the DDoS Gap!

What’s a DDoS Gap? A DDoS Gap occurs whenever DDoS traffic bypasses a company’s DDoS mitigation defenses to penetrate the target network. DDoS gaps are a...

Your DDoS Attack May be Coming Soon – Three Types to Expect

DDoS attacks aren’t a matter of if, they are matter of when. It’s simply a matter of when they decide it’s your turn to be attacked – whether they are mad...

Budgeting Your Annual DDoS Risk Management Program

It’s that time of year again… assessing your needs, clarifying goals, setting expectations and committing to budgets for 2018!

How Big is Your DDoS Mitigation Gap?

Summary: DDoS risk is practically invisible to security professionals responsible for production up-time without DDoS Testing. MazeBolt shares results...

Webinar Invitation: The BaseLine DDoS Testing Handbook

SAVE THE DATE: June 21, 2017 @11:00 (CET)   DDoS BaseLine Testing Handbook

The MazeBolt DDoS BaseLine Testing Handbook

Over 95% of companies fail their initial DDoS Test due to configuration issues.

DDoS Extortion – Biting the DDoS Bullet

It started with a five minute long DDoS attack which established that the cybercriminals meant business and could cause impact, this small sample attack...