EU and US Grant Method Patent to MazeBolt Technologies

Enterprises now have the ability to maintain DDoS Vulnerabilities at under 2% ongoing. The technology that enables this is Proactive Feedback Module. This Press Release provides more information on the patent granted.

The Technology with a difference

Today, the chances of enterprises going down because of successful DDoS Attack even with existing mitigation technology is 48%. It is mainly because the existing DDoS defenses once configured on theEU and US Grant Method Patent to MazeBolt Technologies (6) production network, assume that the network remains static. However, in reality, the network continuously changes, creating a gap between the configurations made prior to changes and after changes. This leads to 48% of DDoS vulnerabilities exposed for the successful DDoS attacks.

The Proactive Feedback Module is a new technology in the DDoS realm, it is the only technology to effectively reduce the chances of a successful DDoS attack to under 2%. Proactive Feedback Module automatically mitigates DDoS Vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Proactive Feedback

The DDoS Radar, a product of MazeBolt Technologies, builds a proactive feedback layer on the top of DDoS Mitigation to continuously - 24/7, look for DDoS vulnerabilities on the entire production network resulting in the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities.

The good news is that Proactive Feedback Module operates with any existing DDoS Mitigation, making it easy for any enterprise to strengthen existing DDoS Mitigation and keep DDoS vulnerabilities to under 2% ongoing. 

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