Worldwide list of DDoS attacks - October 2020

List of DDoS attacks took place during the month of October 2020. 

Date of attack Country Industry Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
Oct 20 USA Education NA Toledo Public Schools (TPS) Enterprise The site went offline, disrupting virtual classes as hackers perpetrated the system and stole confidential data.  Click here
Oct 19 China Financial Services 32 Mins. Shenzhen Bourse Stock Exchange Enterprise The site went down during peak business hours - investors suffered losses. However, there has been no official confirmation of a DDoS attack. Click here
Oct 16 USA Gambling 2 Days, and Small The site experienced inaccessibility and downtime. It was down through the weekend and NFL Sunday. Click here
Oct 16  USA Education NA Cerro Gordo School District Small Multiple attacks overwhelmed the website, and disrupted students’ ability to work from home. Click here
Oct 14  UK Travel NA Travelex Enterprise The attack originated with a ransom threat of 20 bitcoins followed by a volumetric attack and then one DNS amplification attack which affected site performance and accessibility. Click here
Oct 12  Norway Telecom 3 Hrs Telenor Norway  Enterprise 400 Gbps of traffic rained on its web and email services for nearly one hour. The company was served a ransom note. Click here
Oct 11  USA Education 7 Days Sandwich Public School and Tyngsboro's High School NA The sites suffered from connection issues impacting students learning remotely across schools in Massachusetts. Click here
Oct 9 USA Education 3 Days Tyngsboro High School Medium The DDoS attack disrupted remote learning inconveniencing students and teachers. Click here
Oct 6 USA Government 7 Hrs. Florida Department of State website Enterprise The voter registration site received 1.1 million visitors an hour crashing the site in its final hours of availability. Click here
Oct 4 USA Gaming NA Blizzard Enterprise A heavy DDOS attack led to high latency and disconnections, disturbing the game sessions of many players. Click here
Oct 3 USA Education 1 Week Bay Shore school district Small The attacks disrupted computer service impacting both students and teachers in the Bay Shore school district. Click Here
Oct 2 USA Gaming NA Activision Enterprise Severe lag was experienced by Call of Duty: Warzone game players, with matches crashing or disconnecting during crucial play moments.  Click Here
Oct 2 Korea Gaming NA PUBG Corporation Enterprise A battery of attacks caused several PUBG Mobile users to be disconnected from the game. Some faced ‘Server Authentication Error’ when logging in from Facebook and PUBG Mobile Lite. Click Here
Sep 29 Sweden Technology 2 days Flightradar24 Small For the third time in two days, a series of  outages and general instability affected the website causing intermittent loading errors for visitors. Click here
Sep 28 France Shipping 2 days CMA CGM Enterprise The main  website and some subsidiary sites went down affecting online customer services. Click here
Sep 25 Central Africa Media 2 weeks Correio Angolense  NA The Angola based media house's website has been inaccessible since September 25 after it was crashed by thousands of simultaneous attacks. Click here
Sep 24 Hungary Telecom NA Magyar Telecom Enterprise The series of attacks caused lapses in Magyar Telekom’s services resulting in connectivity issues across several parts of Budapest. Click here
Sep 24 Hungary Banking NA OTP Bank Enterprise One of the biggest hacker attacks in Hungary ever, both in size and complexity,  took place in several waves, heavily disrupting banking services. Click here
Sep 24 Singapore Financial Services 1 day Bitrue Small Web services and applications went down affecting connectivity and interactivity. Click here

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