Worldwide list of DDoS attacks - September 2021

Worldwide list of DDoS attacks took place during the month of September 2021 

Date of attack Country Industry Duration of Attack Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
Sep 28 USA VoIP 3 Days NA Enterprise
Critical communications service providers targeted causing some phone calls and messages to fail.
Click here
Sep 25 Netherlands Government NA NA Ministry of Health - CoronaCheck System NA Prevented creation of QR codes that the government has necessitated to gain entry to catering and cultural establishments. Click here

Sep 20

Canada Telecom 5 Days 5 Days VoIP ms Enterprise The ransom DDoS attack (demand of 100 bitcoins/$4.3M) disrupted  the company's operations, and telephony services Click here
Sep 15 Switzerland Technology 17 Hours 17 Hours Solana Foundation Enterprise Bots spammed the network as its protocol GRAPE launched its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Raydium Click here
Sep 14 New Zealand Government 5 Days 5 Days MetService NA Affected several government and financial institutions also brought down the website in NZ Click here
Sep 9 Russia ISP 1 Month No Downtime Yandex Enterprise The DDoS attacks spread over a month reached 22 million requests per second (RPS) - the biggest known attack in the history of the internet. Click here
Sept 8 New  Zealand Government 3 days 3 Days NZ Post NA NZ Post took down all its major IT systems as a result of a spate of DDoS attacks on New Zealand businesses. Click here
Sep 8 New Zealand Banking 3 Days 3 Days Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. (ANZ Bank) Enterprise ANZ New Zealand's internet banking app and website went offline following a deadly DDoS attack. Click here
Sep 6 New Zealand Banking 5 Days 5 Days Kiwibank Enterprise The bank suffered from continued intermittent issues" with some services including internet banking, its app, website and phone services. Click here
Sep 3 New Zealand ISP 5 Days 5 Days Vocus NZ Enterprise Vocus's systems tried to block a DDoS attack on one user but in the process caused its customers across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to suffer outages Click here
Sep 1 UK Telecom 1-2 Days 1-2 Days Voipfone Small Voipfone's voice communications affected and remain unresolved with customers, partners and some broadband ISPs reporting communication issues Click here
Sept 1 UK Telecom 3 Days 3 Days Voip Unlimited Small Victim of an alarmingly large and sophisticated DDoS attack attached to a colossal ransom demand. Click here


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