Worldwide list of DDoS attacks - June 2021

Worldwide list of DDoS attacks took place during the month of June 2021 

Date of attack Country Industry Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
Jun 27 Israel Banking NA Israel's Banking System NA The attack reached approx. 200 megabytes per second and led to a brief slowdown and denial of service at all banks’ sites including Bank of Israel. Click here
Jun 26 UK ISP 1 Week  Zzoomm Enterprise Instigated by a malicious party to extort payment, the attack flooded the network causing service interruptions for customers. Click here
Jun 11  Puerto Rico Energy NA Luma Energy Enterprise The attack generated 2 million visits per second, impacting customers' ability to access account information. Click here
Jun 6   Spain Cryptocurrency 1 Day zkSNACKs Small Wasabi bitcoin wallet DDoS attack included leakage of users’ addresses to random third-party servers. Click here
Jun 4 Germany IT Services 1 Day Fiducia & GAD IT AG Enterprise Technology company suffers attack that affects over 800 cooperative banks across Germany shutting down or slowing websites. Click here
Jun 1 USA Gaming NA Respawn Entertainment Medium The attackers overloaded the Apex Legend game's server with a massive flood of internet traffic, taking the server offline. Click here
Jun 1 USA Gaming 6 Hours Blizzard Entertainment Enterprise Crippled servers leading to high latency and disconnections at the launch of the popular `Burning Crusade Classic' game. Click here

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