Laughter Spreads Faster During Covid-19

Laughter Makes the Rounds on Social Media

I constantly used to get funny pictures and videos sent to me, but rarely found the time to look at them.  But Covid-19 changed all that! It has given me, and I guess, many of us, the time to be with our families and more importantly with ourselves. Suddenly, finding the time and desire to look at them!  From the number of funny videos out there,  it appears that during this trying period of social distancing and staying indoors, human nature is reaching back to what it has always been inherently capable of, i.e. the ability to laugh.

Why Do We Laugh?

Philosopher John Morreall believes that the first human laughter may have begun as a gesture of shared relief at the passing of danger. Since the relaxation that results from a bout of laughter inhibits the biological fight-or-flight response, laughter may indicate trust in one's companions.  Could this be the reason more of us are laughing now, even as the Covid-19 pandemic rages outside?

Research on the other hand, indicates that we laugh to strengthen human connections.  Laughter helps make us more comfortable with each other and feel more open and free.  It is a bonding that is contagious, but not a dangerous one like Covid-19.    

Helping to Cope During Trying Times

Laughter reduces stress-induced anxiety, according to a study in Psychological reports.  The report also confirms that laughter therapy has helped to improve anxiety in patients with  Parkinson's disease, reduce anxiety and depression in nursing students, and improve optimism, self-esteem, and depression in menopausal women.

In a paper for Psychiatric Quarterly, author Bernard Saper says that the ability to maintain a sense of humor and the ability to laugh can act as a positive coping mechanism to help a person get through difficult times. Laughter also helps to reduce several medical conditions including hypertension.  It calms stress hormones, helps the cardiovascular system while safeguarding the immune system. 

Stealing the laughter 

Unfortunately it's not all funny, According to ZDNet reports cyber criminals  are stepping up their activities in the midst of corona virus. News reports confirm that threat actors are taking advantage of this 'surreal situation' to increase pressure,  preying on anxieties around the corona virus outbreak to maximize the impact of their attacks. It appears that they are  intensifying  DDoS attacks at a time when remote access to computer networks and online services are more vital than ever. So laugh where you can , but also make sure your keeping  yourself and your systems safe by protecting your VPN and other networks from DDoS attacks

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