Dynamic Feedback Redefines DDoS Mitigation

No Cyber Security Measure is Perfect

In the cyber security cat and mouse game, between Cyber security professionals, on the one hand, and Cyber threat actors, on the other, it comes as no surprise that cyber security solutions, as strong as they may be, never provide absolute protection.

Solutions providing 95% or even 90% protection are deemed effective. Should we trust and base business continuity on DDoS Mitigation solutions the best of which have an average effectiveness of just over 50%?

Statistics from 3 years of data from over 400 DDoS tests conducted with enterprises with significant investment in DDoS mitigation, show that the average DDoS mitigation solution is only 52% effective.

Static (Legacy) DDoS Mitigation in a Dynamic World

DDoS mitigation solutions are only effective when their configuration perfectly maps the networks they’re protecting. Over time all DDoS mitigation solutions like Cloud based scrubbing, On Premise, Hybrid or even Proprietary solutions – all fail because their static configurations are not designed to automatically adapt to the changes in the underlying networks they’re protecting.

Think about it, when was the last time you sent your DDoS mitigation provider a log detailing all network changes since your DDoS mitigation was originally deployed?

Continuous network changes ultimately erode DDoS mitigation configurations and open DDoS vulnerability gaps through which DDoS attacks penetrate and cause latency, service disruption and downtime.

The reality with static DDoS mitigation solutions is that companies are not only 50% exposed but also largely blind to the DDoS vulnerabilities threatening their business continuity with negligible insight into the configuration changes required to restore their DDoS mitigation to full effectiveness.

Powering Dynamic (Next-Gen) DDoS Mitigation Solutions


Dynamic (Next-Gen) DDoS mitigation doesn’t replace Legacy DDoS mitigation, it builds on it.

Moving from static to dynamic Next –Gen. DDoS mitigation requires powering Legacy DDoS mitigation solutions with a Proactive Feedback Module. The Proactive Feedback Module transforms any Legacy DDoS mitigation solution: Cloud based scrubbing, On Premise, Hybrid or even Proprietary by continuously identifying DDoS vulnerabilities against all web-facing IP addresses in the network. This 24/7 insight provides any Legacy DDoS mitigation solution with complete visibility into the configuration changes required to regain full effectiveness.

Moreover, once policy and configuration changes have been made to DDoS mitigation the Proactive Feedback Module allows immediate retesting to validate the fixes hold water – allowing for dramatic reduction in DDoS risk in a matter of days and weeks.

MazeBolt’s patented Proactive Feedback Module introduces a new age in DDoS mitigation. 

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