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    Yotam is Head - R&D at MazeBolt and is in charge of all R&D activities, infrastructure and security. With five years in the security industry, Yotam brings fresh perspectives and insights into current technologies and development flows. He holds a BSc. in mathematics and philosophy and enjoys hitting the archery range in his spare time.

    4 Misconceptions About DDoS Mitigation

     After several years in cybersecurity and specifically in the DDoS mitigation space, I often come across certain common and widespread misconceptions. ...
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    DDoS Mitigation Policies | DDoS Attacks Surging | DDoS Commoditization

    DDoS Attacks Surging in 2020  
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    Why DDoS Testing is Just Not Enough

    Understanding DDoS Testing and its importance in today’s security landscape
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    The Weak Links that Result in DDoS Downtime and How to Overcome Them

    DDoS attacks have become more common, powerful and malicious. They have increased 2.5 times over the last 3 years, with the average size nearly reaching...
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    Five reasons why your DDoS Mitigation might fail

    DDoS Attacks on the Rise
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    Slaying 3 Myths for a New Decade

    * 2 minutes read. Looking back at our achievements in 2019 with leading enterprises and security professionals in the industry, these are the top three...
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    New WS-Discovery DDoS attack is yet another instance of a UDP reflection attack

    Judging from the news you'd be led to believe there's another type of reflection DDoS attack in the wild. Same Same but Different Putting this in context,...
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    Diamonds are Forever. So are DDoS Vulnerabilities.

    Cyber security vulnerabilities usually refer to weaknesses in software code that allow threat actors to take advantage of vulnerable programs, web...
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    HTML5 PING Attack & Mitigation Breakdown

    The HTML5 PING Attack HTML 5 has introduced many positive changes to web page structure and functionality. One of these has allowed web developers to send...
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    Understanding the CoAP DDoS Attack Vector

    There are new DDoS attacks everyday and CoAP is the latest. Their damage potential changes dramatically, based on many factors. It might be surprising to...
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