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    Simple Steps to Calculate the Costs of DDoS Attack - Part 1

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have increased by 542% during the COVID-19 pandemic. While attacks are cheap and can be obtained for as... Read More
    protection from ddos attack

    Is a DDoS Attack Coming your Way?

    Introduction Read More

    Financial institutions targeted for DDoS attacks

    What you can’t see cannot be protected! There was a recent news that Australian banks are being targeted by DDoS extortionists. That hackers are sending... Read More

    Dynamic Feedback Redefines DDoS Mitigation

    No Cyber Security Measure is Perfect In the cyber security cat and mouse game, between Cyber security professionals, on the one hand, and Cyber threat... Read More
    Digital Transformation (Resized)

    The Online Integrity of your Digital Transformation

    Nothing will ever be as it was. Read More

    DDoS Mitigation Purchase | DDoS Mitigation System and Solutions

    Although we do most of our shopping online, some items require more investigation. For instance, very few people purchase new cars without a test drive –... Read More

    The Voice of the Customer

    MazeBolt’s clients include Fortune 1000 & NASDAQ-listed companies in more than 50 countries operating in 20 languages. One of our clients is a global... Read More
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    Lessons Learned from a Day of DDoS Testing

    To get a “view from the other side” of how our customers experience MazeBolt’s BaseLine DDoS Testing, I decided to join a customer onsite during testing. Read More